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Post Industrial Podil



We release this website on the occasion to MIT Independent Study in Kyiv titled “Postindustrial Podil. Ukraine in transformation”. We believe this information will be useful for students and professors who involved in the project and the more wider communities.

MIT study

«Postindustrial Podil. Ukraine in transformation» is an Independent study initiated by Brent Ryan from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Anastasiya Ponomaryova from urban curators, supported by SAGA Development company.

This practical research aims to develop new ideas and tools for emerging radical development models, enhanced citizen involvement and power of culture in the transformation of that landscape.

Ammar Ahmed


Joey Swerdlin


Anne Hudson

THE WORLD’S LIVING LABORATORY: transportation as a link between pasrt and the future

Yue Wu

Yue Wu’s study intends to create visualization to summary Podil people’s collective profile from Facebook, to map people’s activity with the geolocations, to find the places in Podil that have the greatest potential to create social venue.

Part 01: Collective profile - Who took the survey?Part 02: Podil matters
Part 03: I ♥ Podil

Yair Titelboim

Yair Titelboim‘s project looks at local rates of housing supply over time using a normelized price indexs* and open source geospatial data. By building this tool we hope to faciliate the move towards information transparency of both land and property data within the city of Kiev.

the website is under construction

Maggie Dunne


Shishilla: collaborative projectt of Maggie Dune and Yue Will

News︎ KARZ-12 - repair the city

28 of February, 2019

It is been just a month since Urban Curators moved to their new office titled KARZ-12 on (post)industrial Podil. Today with our partner “Understand Soviet Podil” we first time open the location for a wider public. Our background becomes our foreground, the (post)industrial landscape around us becomes the theme for the event (more you find there).

The true story stated a long time ago.
Let us led you step by step.


Kyiv automobile repairing factory # 12 - KARZ-12 - was built during the one Soviet five-year plans and was a physical implementation of hyper-industrialization drive. After factorie`s decline in 1990th, it began to be partially used as warehouses. Today it is being reappropriating by offices such as photo studios, fitness center, art-gallery and small production spaces (more here). Like many other industrial artefacts on Podil it is waiting for the development.

pic.1 - Podil ortophotoplan from 1943


During summer 2018 the group of MIT students, professors and local researchers discovered the (post)industrial Podil and as КАРЗ-12 are marked by constant change. One of the students, Annie Hudson, describes the situation: “...Many cultural institutions and start-ups are already located in reused buildings within the district of Podil, indicating that culture-driven urban informality and small-scale entrepreneurship are not only alive and well, but also holds immense potential for capitalization within the district…”

pic.2 - Photo by Herbert Gehr


Being induced by raising creativity and feel the spirit of opportunities Urban Curators become the Podil resident too. Moving to КАРЗ-12 we enable ourselves to “give now” while moving forward to desired future. Our physical presence and on-going, relevant projects help us to connect bottom up impulses and top-down resources and strategies. As an urban designers, we see the potential of current use to turn into a mix-used program for upcoming development.  As a social innovators, we see the potential of the creative network with KARZ-12, Podil and beyond.

pic.3 - Seed is not enough! (photo by Godwin, Fay)


КАРЗ-12 is situated on the edge of reticulate Podil urban structure and at the beginning of a huge industrial zone which spreads up to the north of the city. This territory being the biggest industrial zone in Kyiv can be considered as potential for city development. It is partially abandoned, disconnected with the city, has a homogeneous fabric and faces with urban challenges. One of the most important questions is how to link this 780 ha area with the river, hills and upper city, historical city center and sleeping districts? What is the future? Who has the power to decide?

In order to contribute to its future, we become a part of the community at KARZ-12. Formally we are renters who have a contract with the factory owner. Informally we are an agency which asses public needs and bring the cutting edge approach in urban design.


In order to achieve the desired future, we have to rethink current approach for urban development. Within political, social and economic uncertainty, weak government, outdated planning regulation and lack of financial support for city projects we need a new paradigm for development. From the very beginning, a new development for us is a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches.

bottom-up + top-down: allow people to show what they want to buy

For us, a new development means celebration the current value of(post)industrial landscape and turning it into new Kyiv urban identity. Thus, we use the site now and don’t wait until you have the best project. For us КАРЗ-12 as a true demo of times to come. Spatial and social visions about area development must have a room for creativity, changes and opportunities. We believe that dynamic masterplan is an only way whereby a lot of small actions lead to big results.